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The Language of Lagomorphs

Marvin Underfoot


Here are more places to read about rabbit behavior, training, and other behavioral issues, including other people's conclusions about what various signals mean. Since I first started this guide in 1999 I've been happy to see quite a few other Web pages about rabbit communication appearing. This is great! It's been pretty amazing to see how many people, even those who live with rabbits, are outright shocked at just how communicative they really are once you learn to notice. The contrast between this reality and the popular misconception that rabbits "just sit there" could not be greater.

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Marvin being a bit wary

Some Other Rabbit Web Sites

Note: I will ONLY add links here to educational articles and sites that specifically and extensively address topics in rabbit behavior and training. For other rabbit sites (including personal pages), you can look elsewhere. Please don't ask me to add a link to your Web page or site if it doesn't fit this very limited set of topics.

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