Betsy Vanderbun

The Language of Lagomorphs

Marvin Underfoot

Publishing, Reproducing, and Linking to This Guide

NOTE: Since this guide is not quite done, I'm currently asking people not to make paper copies for distribution. I'd rather not have my typos immortalized! However, please feel free to provide this Web site's address to anyone you believe may find the work-in-progress useful.

I have received many requests for permission to reproduce this guide in other forms. After thinking hard about how to make this fair but possible, with minimum hassle for everyone, I've come up with the following. Here are my conditions for reproducing or publishing the "Language of Lagomorphs" Guide:

You MAY, without obtaining prior permission:

  • Link to the Guide pages.
  • Use any of the images, animations or movies included in the online Guide, in any form or medium. (Please use the copyright notice specified below.)
  • Quote one paragraph or less of the original online format, in any medium. (We would love to get credit, and/or a link, if that is possible.)
  • Reproduce or publish all or part of the Guide, in any medium other than an online format, BUT ONLY if it will be provided entirely without charge, or as part of a collection or package that is provided entirely without charge. You must also include the copyright notice specified below. (If you wish to charge for the copies you make, even a very modest amount only to cover your costs, you must get written permission - see below.)

You MUST NOT, in any case:

  • Reproduce or publish the Guide online, in whole or in part (beyond one paragraph), without explicit prior permission from the author. (This is because I don't want there to be multiple versions on the Web, since that would be confusing and there's really no need).

You MUST GET PRIOR PERMISSION by writing to me, to:

  • Translate the guide into languages other than English, to publish it online either to this or your own site.
  • Quote sections longer than one paragraph, online or in any publication you are charging for.
  • Reproduce all of the Guide in any medium other than online, if you are charging for that publication.
  • Reproduce all or part of the Guide in a manner not otherwise described here explicitly.

Copyright Notice

The copyright notice to include on permitted uses of the Guide is the one found at the bottom of the online guide's introduction page. That notice currently reads "Copyright © 1999 Eric Mercer."