Pleeeeease Oh Please Please Please!

Rabbits do beg for food and affection, and it’s pretty unmistakable. First the rabbit will probably come right up and stare at you expectantly, and maybe nudge you with its nose a few times. An aggressive rabbit may nip you, to make sure it has your attention. Finally, it may put its front paws on your leg and stare dolefully into your eyes. Oh yeah, that’s begging alright.

The most common reason rabbits beg is for edible treats. Every rabbit has its favorites, although of course you should only use treats that are also healthy, and in moderation. Fresh fruit and favorite vegetables and leaves, and dried fruit that doesn’t have sugar added (raisins and cherries, most commonly), are all very popular. Vegetables, fruit in moderation, and lots of hay is the way to keep a rabbit healthy.

If you offer a rabbit a pickle, it will be insulted. Too much vinegar.

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